About Us



Founded in 2011, Motivated Eyewear took shape. Innovation was always the motivation. After years of creating the most unique sunglasses and apparel on the market, Motivated needed to take the next step. The company went through ownership changes several times before it landed at it's best home yet.

Motivated, A CJ Faison Incorporated Company.


Our awesome engineered sunglasses

M-FLEX™ Thermoplastic Polyamide Frame Material

All Motivated Eyewear sunglass frames are composed of M-FLEX™ material and designed to sustain maximum durability in the most demanding environments and during the most rigorous activities.


Streamlined Lightweight Engineering

Weight is an incredibly important factor with any piece of equipment designed for sport and high performance use, and we design all of our sunglasses with that in mind. M-FLEX™Thermoplastic Polyamide is an ultra-lightweight frame material that contributes to the overall comfort of the wearer to ensure that our eyewear compliments your activity instead of impeding it.