Motivated Passion Wristband- White

Motivated Passion Wristband- White

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All of us here at Motivated are required to wear a Motivated Wristband every single day. Might sound strange but it's about culture. Simple reminders every time you look down, it reminds you to stay Motivated by your passion.


  • We wanted to allow everyone to be able to wear one, so we mass produced these for all of you to have!
  • De-Bossed silicone durable wristband with our famous Motivated Logo and a saying "Motivated by Passion" on the backside

Motivated fabrics


We source the most comfortable and soft fabrics

available in the industry. This is more than slapping ink

on a t-shirt or hoodie and selling it. This is about

our Brand Reputation


Not only do we offer the softest but the most durable fabrics as well.

We use high quality inks to ensure longevity in your apparel choices!

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention: it looks absolutely badass.