Vero (Seafoam Edition)
Vero (Seafoam Edition)
Vero (Seafoam Edition)
Vero (Seafoam Edition)
Vero (Seafoam Edition)

Vero (Seafoam Edition)

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You all asked for a badass pair of Motivated Aviators Sunglasses... Well it's officially here!


M-TECH™ & M-Wood Hybrid Frame Material 

Streamlined Lightweight Engineering

Weight is an incredibly important factor with any piece of equipment designed for sport and high performance use, and we design all of our sunglasses with that in mind. M-FLEX™Thermoplastic Polyamide is an ultra-lightweight frame material that contributes to the overall comfort of the wearer to ensure that our eyewear compliments your activity instead of impeding it.


Impact-Resistant M-SHOCK™ Polycarbonate Lenses

All of our lenses are composed of an injection-molded thermoplastic polymer known as M-SHOCK™ Polycarbonate. Similar to thermoplastics used in bulletproof glass and astronaut helmets, M-SHOCK™ Polycarbonate is impact-resistant, lightweight and super-effective in the deflection of UV radiation.

Motivated fabrics


We source the most comfortable and soft fabrics

available in the industry. This is more than slapping ink

on a t-shirt or hoodie and selling it. This is about

our Brand Reputation


Not only do we offer the softest but the most durable fabrics as well.

We use high quality inks to ensure longevity in your apparel choices!

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention: it looks absolutely badass.